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About us

Our Story

The Orphan trust was born from a desire to have a direct and tangible impact on the lives of street children, who are often the most vulnerable victims of poverty, corruption and crime. Writing cheques to large charity organisations was not easing the conscience. We wanted to see the direct impact of our donations.

The solution was to make actual contact with the care centres, orphanages and homes that need the help, and then support them directly. We can then see improvements the donations make and track how the funds are spent.

About us: About Us

Our Aims

Our aims are to tackle UN Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 4: Eliminate Poverty and provide Quality Education, for street children in Bangladesh.

We want to get as many children in Bangladesh off the streets as possible, rehabilitate them, educate them and give them an opportunity to the future they deserve. Bangladesh is one the poorest countries in the world and the key solution to its problems is to educate it’s children. To take a child off the street, educate and rehabilitate them means one less crime, death or poverty statistic for the future.

About us: About Us

How we Work


Our funding strategy is geared towards enabling our partners to reach their full potential by providing a combination of unrestricted and flexible funds.

Our Donors

We connect donors to our projects. Donors can choose which specific organisation or project to support or support our work in general.

We are a volunteer organisation, we do not pay salaries, so all of your donation goes to funding our partners and projects.

About us: About Us
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