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Char Fassion

The Orphanage provides a home for up to 70 boys aged from 6 to 18 who have been orphaned.

​The Orphanage works to ensure that the boys make the most of their educational opportunities. Every boy attends a local school, and additional support is provided by the orphanage including mentoring by senior boys and additional teaching by orphanage staff. External coaching is also provided to some boys who show exceptional academic potential. The boys can remain in the Orphanage until they have taken their Higher School Certificate.

The Orphanage provides the opportunity for the boys to participate in a variety of different sports, and to represent their schools and the orphanage in sports competitions.

The Orphanage aims to prepare the boys for suitable employment once they leave the orphanage. A separate hostel has been provided for the senior boys who are studying years 11 & 12.

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When we met the Orphanage in 2012, the boys were sleeping on old broken beds with dirty stained mattress. They were suffering the impact of constant power cuts.

Thanks to your generosity we have been able to purchase beds, mattresses, bed linen, bedroom and kitchen furniture for the boys.

In 2013 we purchased a power generator to help deal with the constant power cuts.

We are paying annual staff salaries and covering the cost of school uniforms and educational material.

Over the years funds we have explored ways to make Charfassion to become more self-sufficient.

Funds have been provided to enable the orphanage to farm fish and vegetables for their own use and selling any surplus. Fish are a significant addition to the orphanage’s income. The boys are given fish to eat approximately once a week and the rest is sold at the local market.

We need your help to continue supporting the orphanage. Your donations will help to improve the quality of their lives and enable the boys at the orphanage to reach their potential through a wholesome education.


Char Fassion's Impact


Al Amin

Al Amin was 8 when he came to Charfassion orphanage in 2016.
He had never attended school and is now in grade three.  Al Amin has a younger sister and his mother found it impossible to support both children when they were abandoned by their father.  She receives some support from her extended family and Al Amin was brought to the orphanage by a male relative who lives fairly close by.  The family live on a small island that is prone to flooding and was badly affected by the recent cyclone Amphan.
Al Amin enjoys life at Charfassion orphanage, including badminton and cricket and going to school. All the boys wash in the orphanage pond either before or after school and are also responsible for washing their clothes.

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