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Jaago Foundation

The Jaago Foundation believe in working towards a better society—one in which every child can and has access quality education. Through access, each student served can capitalise on his or her dreams and take life to be the opportunity it is.

The first Jaago School was informally established in 2007. The journey started with only 17 students, one whiteboard and a small classroom in a Dhaka slum. Gradually, Jaago have expanded their quest of spreading the light of education, not only within Dhaka but beyond it as well. Jaago’s first digital school was built in Gazipur during 2011 and after that, they started growing to other areas as well with the hope of spreading quality education.

Jaago now have 12 schools nationwide. 8 of these are digital schools, a concept pioneered by Jaago in Bangladesh around 8 years ago. The remaining 3 Jaago schools are offline traditional schools.

Image: Slum in Rayer Bazaar- home to Jaago students

Slum in Rayer Bazaar- home to Jaago students

Jaago's student's exam results (2015)


With your support we can increase the number of children we support through though Jaago school.

All the children at Jaago schools come from a poor and underprivileged background.  The children have had a sense of social deprivation since birth. Standing beside even only one such child can bring a meaningful change in that family, which would in turn help them break the shackles of poverty and live a life with dignity.

If you wish we can connect you to a sponsored child, who will no doubt inspire you through their vividly challenging daily-life stories and their desperate efforts for a better future! And you will inspire them just by showing an interest- to know that someone else cares about their future.

Jaago's Impact


Aornab Tangchangya

Aornab, lives in the mountain region of Bandarban, regarded as one of the most attractive travel destinations in the country. Bandarbans economy is heavily dependent on farming and produces little that is of economic value outside the self-consumption of its residents. It has a literacy rate of just 43%
Aornab is a shy little boy, very caring in nature.  His parents are farm laborer’s with an income that just about feeds the family.
Aornab wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His parents want him to get an education so he can have a real chance to a future he deserves.
Since we began sponsoring Aornab in 2013 he has scored consistently well in exams and assessments  and his confidence has grown leaps and bounds.
Thank to your donations, Aornab is getting a decent education. He will have a public-school standard education and really can dare to dream of becoming a doctor.

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