Our Projects


Addressing the Mental Health of vulnerable street children

UN SDG3 – Good health and wellbeing

Promoting sustainable development of a healthy future for the population of Bangladesh requires addressing children’s acute mental health needs.  Our vision is to train front line workers to better meet the mental health needs of street children and orphans in Bangladesh. We have been working with the psychology departments of Roehampton University and Dhaka University to develop a play therapy training programme that will be delivered in Dhaka to front line workers with children.

Free Therapy

Most of the children living on the streets are there to escape violence, abuse and exploitation at the hands of adults. Once on the streets they fall victim to crime and further exploitation at the hand of organised gangs.

We are providing free therapy to children to enable them to overcome their trauma and have a fair chance to reach their potential.


Training front line workers

“Getting children to communicate is my toughest challenge” - Shermin Abedin, Child Support worker Rohingya Camp Cox Bazaar

The Orphan Trust is supporting front line workers by working with local NGO’s to provide training in Play Therapy techniques to people working with children.

Emergency Relief

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, many have been left without an income or the ability to beg or forage for food.  Those living on a daily wage, street peddlers, shoe shiners litter pickers ( most often Children) are left without any mean to survive.


We have been providing emergency food to the homeless and vulnerable over the lockdown


Supporting poor families in crisis

We are raising funds to help support vulnerable families at this time of crisis.
Due to the lockdown, family members have been stopped from earning a daily wage through hiring out their labour. Your donations will help us in supporting these families greatly.