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Supporting poor families in crisis

We are raising funds to help support vulnerable families at this time of crisis.

Due to the lockdown, family members have been stopped from earing a daily wage through hiring out their labour. Access to trade has been severely restricted and families have been confined to small spaces at home with an entire family in a corrugated metal hut in the sweltering heat.


Covid 19 have left families Hungary and with no means to provide for themselves. They are trapped in the crisis.

We have partnered with local community leaders to provide financial support for poor vulnerable families to see them through the crisis.

We are seeking urgent donations to help families through the crises.


£15 a month provides a family with:
17 kg rice
 2 kg flour
 2 kg oil
 2 kg potatoes
1 kg lentils
 1 kg sugar
 2 kg onions
 1/2 kg salt
1 bar of soap

Please donate to help these families.

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