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Bottomley Home

Bottomley Home is an orphanage in Dhaka, run by nuns and provides a home and education to girls up to the age of 18. The orphanage houses up to 140 girls who would otherwise be living in the streets, battling for survival. They arrive at all different ages but nearly all stay until they are adults leaving when married or when they have found careers.

Bottomley Home Orphanage sits adjacent to Bottomley Home School a fee-paying girls catholic school proving high quality education.

The Girls at the orphanage get a free education at the school in return for cleaning and maintaining the school grounds

Since the second world war the orphanage has been home to thousands of girls who have lost their parents. From within its walls many vocations have been achieved and many possibilities realised.


Most of the girls at the time of enrolment can barely read or write.  The nuns through sheer dedication tutor the girls to meet the high standards required by the school. Sister Bijoya, head of Bottomley Home says ‘the girls come from rural parts of Bangladesh and have suffered social deprivation since birth. When they are sitting in a class with girls who have very privileged lives, this can affect their confidence self-esteem’.

Sister Bijoya has hired extra teachers to give the girls private tuition and mentoring to counter all the disadvantages they have suffered.  Despite the cramp and squalid conditions of the orphanage the atmosphere is a really happy one. All the girls are one big community, supporting each other through school and duties as they all see this as the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

The majority of the girls leave the school and go on to vocational careers as nurses or teachers.

However, like many such institutions, Bottomley Home is underfunded and struggling to keep up with demand for places and resources.

We are working with Bottomley Home Orphanage to help improve the living conditions for these girls.

Over the years we have provided the girls with funds to purchase school uniforms, medicine, blankets, bedding computers and stationery. We also pay for the orphanages grocery costs to ensure the girls are provided with daily nutritious meals.

Your donations will help us empower the girls at the orphanage and give them the confidence to get the most out of the opportunity they have.

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