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Our Partners



Since ASHIC began supporting underprivileged families with a child suffering from cancer, there has been a remarkable increase in the survival rate. The palliative care unit provides a dignified close to a family’s ordeal.


Jaago Foundation

The Jaago Foundation provide free of cost private school standard education to underprivileged children. They believe in a world where every child has access to quality education.

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Bottomley Home

Bottomley Home is an orphanage in Dhaka, run by nuns and provides a home and education to girls up to the age of 18. The orphanage houses up to 140 girls who would otherwise be living in the streets, battling for survival.


Char Fassion

Char Fassion Boys Orphanage is located on the island of Bhola, a rural costal district most vulnerable to Bangladesh’s climatic misfortunes. Consequently, it is among the poorest and least developed districts of Bangladesh. The orphanage situated on the flat lands of the delta is in constant battle against floods and cyclones.



The Dalits were once known as "the untouchables" in many parts of South Asia are among the most underprivileged and discriminated against community in Bangladesh. Shudha provides free a school for children, sewing classes, and adult education classes to the Dalit community in its efforts to tackle their plight.


Potho Shishu

Potho Shishu Sheba is a volunteer led organisation working on the front line to help the street children of Bangladesh. They set up temporary camps around various parts of the city, bringing toys, colouring books and provide a few hours of recreation to the children living and working on the streets.

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