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Addressing the Mental Health of vulnerable street children

The National Mental Health Survey of Bangladesh 2018-19 revealed 13.6 % of children aged 7-14 suffer some form of mental disorder. Studies addressing the mental health needs of street children found chronic exposure to stressors puts children at risk for hopelessness, depression, and suicide. The survey confirmed there are only 250 mental health practitioners. This is a stark shortage of a country with a population of 161.4 million.


“Mental Health care in Bangladesh need to be given priority to achieve sustainable development goals” - Zahid Maleque, Health Minister, Bangladesh

We have trained and delivered Bangladesh’s first qualified play therapist, Imran Mostak who is now providing free therapy to children through our partners in Dhaka. He is also working with BRAC to develop a free play clinic for street children.


Your donations will help us to tackle the large problem of mental trauma among vulnerable children in Bangladesh.

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