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Helping the 'Untouchables' of Bangladesh

The Dalits were once known as "the untouchables" in many parts of South Asia are among the most underprivileged and discriminated against community in Bangladesh.

Shudha provides free a school for children, sewing classes, and adult education classes to the Dalit community in its efforts to tackle their plight.

Most Dalits live in poor quality housing and are confined to menial jobs such as road sweepers, sewage workers and corpse bearers. The Dalit community are relegated to living in the most impoverished colonies around Dhaka, without a hope of getting out. Landlords will not rent to Dalits. Younger Dalits who have managed to educate themselves are overlooked by employers.

Although efforts have been made to outlaw the ‘caste system’ old attitudes remain and discrimination against the Dalit community makes them among the most oppressed people in Bangladesh.


Shudha is a community project started by Dhaka resident and businessman Khukon Shudha, to tackle the plight of the Dalit community. He is a member of a number of rights groups, lobbying the government to pass anti-discrimination legislation.

We are proud partners of Shudha.  We have provided funds to build a library for the children’s school, water wells in Dalit villages and educational materials and gifts for the women and children.

Your donations will help Shudha continue their valuable work.

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